• firepoint

    Firepoint | Web Application

    Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Test::Unit, Git, AJAX, HTML5

    Firepoint is a real estate lead generation and management web application.

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  • mind-on-rails

    Mind on Rails | Web Application

    Rails, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, RSpec, Git

    Mind on Rails is a knowledge exchange, note-taking tool, specifically for Ruby on Rails learners.

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  • mustdu

    MustDU | Web Application

    Rails, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, Sass, RSpec, Git

    Personalized to-do list that automatically deletes incomplete items after seven days.

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  • switchup.org

    Interview | SwitchUp.org

    Adult Educator becomes a Student of Code

    Interview that I gave around transitioning professions, attending Bloc.io, and becoming a developer.

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  • liquid-mechanics

    Liquid Mechanics | Website

    HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

    While attending the University of Denver, I designed and built this website for a friend’s brewery.

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  • api-hlt

    API-HLT | Rails API

    Rails, Ruby, RSpec, Git, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5

    Rails JSON API for creating, updating, and listing blog posts and categories. Includes authentication.

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  • 30-60-90

    30/60/90 Day Plan | Website

    HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

    Created this content and website as part of my professional portfolio when pursuing a job opportunity.

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  • medium-article

    Article | Medium.com

    A Teacher's Two Cents When Learning Ruby on Rails

    Article that I wrote on Medium.com around tips for people learning Ruby on Rails.

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  • bloccit

    Bloccit | Web Application

    Rails, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Sass, RSpec, Git

    Bloccit is a clone of Reddit. I created Bloccit with my mentor at Bloc.

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