• mind-on-rails

    Mind on Rails | Web Application

    Rails, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, RSpec, Git

    Mind on Rails is a knowledge exchange, note-taking tool, specifically for Ruby on Rails learners.

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  • things-my-kids-said

    Things My Kids Said | Web Application

    Rails, Ruby, RSpec, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Git, AJAX

    To help you remember and share all of the funny, cute, honest, precocious things that our kids say!

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  • blog-posts

    Blog Posts | Medium.com

    Scrum, Agile Development, Rails, SVG

    A link to my blog posts on Medium.com around software development.

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  • micro-blog-posts

    MicroBlogs | MindOnRails.com

    Topics: Rails, Ruby, TDD, SQL, JavaScript, Git, Gems

    Micro-blog posts that I write for professional, fullstack Rails developers.

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